Heritage House Awards

The Heritage Society of Pacific Grove sponsors an annual event during Preservation Month (May) to honor those houses and buildings that have been recently restored, added on to, or are new construction, all fitting into the feel of our special Pacific Grove houses.

There are four categories of awards:

  • Preservation – is for houses or buildings built fifty or more years ago that have been preserved or restored in an exemplary fashion. They should retain their original exterior design and features.
  • Remodel/Addition – is for those with newly constructed additions that don’t detract from or hide the original building and are still in keeping with the original design features.
  • Commercial – is for restoration, renovation, or adaptive-use projects in the business districts that preserve the town’s historic fabric.
  • New Construction – includes all newly constructed houses or buildings that are compatible with the neighborhoods and historic areas of Pacific Grove.


Nominations are requested from the community, usually in February, and a panel of judges will look at each building before selecting the winners.

Bronze plaques are given to the best examples in each category; all winners will receive a certificate of commendation suitable for framing.

Past Winners

Below are some homes that have won in previous years.