Historic Home Plaques

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You have probably seen many of the green plaques that are on the older homes in Pacific Grove.   They contain the first owner’s name and the year the home was built … or more accurately the year it was first assessed.

Since 1978 the Heritage Society of Pacific Grove has given away, free of charge, over 700 of these plaques to homes built before 1926.  Such homes must retain their original character and architectural style.  An old wooden cottage covered with stucco would not be eligible.  A house torn down and rebuilt exactly the same would not be eligible.  But a house remodeled or added on to over the years is eligible as long as it’s in harmony with the original structure, and the original characteristics are retained and apparent.

The most common reason for refusing a plaque is the mistaken belief that it somehow limits what you can or cannot do to your house.  This is not true.  There are numerous examples of homes in Pacific Grove with plaques that have additions and alterations.  Some consider plaques the finishing touch to a renovation or rehabilitation.

We want the plaques proudly displayed as a reminder of our heritage in Pacific Grove.  It gives recognition to the age and first registered owner of a structure.  It is considered an honor to have a plaque on your house.

Plaque Requests

Plaques must be requested by the property owner. After the request is made, the property is researched and if it qualifies (meets the age requirement and retains its original character as determined by the board of directors) a plaque will be crafted with the year that the building was erected and the name of the owner at the time the property was first assessed for improvements.

To request a plaque, plaque replacement or information on a historical person or address, please fill the form below:

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