Question of the Month

My friend and I enjoyed an early evening dinner at Lovers Point and began a stroll westward towards the Point Pinos Lighthouse. Very soon we came upon a “magic carpet” of amazing flowers. It was as if we had stepped into another world. I noted a sign that said “Perkins Park”. What is a Perkins?? Or maybe, who was Perkins?

What a good question for this time of year when that part of our coastline is ablaze with color. I would be glad to tell you that a “Perkins” is

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I was having a lovely lunch with a friend at one of your great restaurants on Lighthouse Avenue when I happened to notice a rather unique building across the street. It looked older, but then again it had a modern feel to it. The sign on the front of it read” The Holman Building”. Can you tell me more about it?

That is a great question about a most interesting building and I would be glad to provide more information on it. The Holman Building was constructed and owned by W.R.

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